Looking for Flat Screen TV Installation across Birmingham?

Want your TV on the wall? No problem! We can also install TV and aerial points across multiple rooms. Our team are masters of concealing all cables for a clean sophisticated look.

We can help if you are looking for the following;

  Installation of your TV onto the mounting bracket on wall studs,
   brick wall or concrete

  Concealment of wires and cables – both into the wall and at the              bottom of the wall

  Multi-room installation of TV points

  TV installation as part of home cinema set-ups

We pride ourselves on providing a fast, reliable and friendly service – and our reputation is testament to this, you can read our recommendations over at the Quick Find Website


What’s the benefit of wall mounting my TV?

Mounting your TV on the wall can help you achieve a perfect viewing angle, it de-clutters your room space and keeps little fingers off your screen! There are many different types of wall mounting brackets, if you are unsure what size you need please get in touch. Regardless of weather you have an LCD, Plasma or LED television, the majority of wall mounts are suited to all types.


The biggest decision you need to make is the type of wall mount you require. Fixed TV mounts keep your screen in one position, keeping the screen close the wall. Tilted wall mounts enable you to move the screen giving you the ability to tilt the screen up or down. Swing arm wall brackets are great for room corners and allow some free movement of your screen. Fully articulating TV wall mounts (cantilever mount) are the most versatile you can use allowing your screen to be turned left or right, tilted in both directions and pulled right out.

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