Problematic aerial? You’re in good hands!

We’ve all been there; you switch on the Television in the morning and there is no signal.
What do you do next?  With the introduction of digital, many of us think the days of blank screens are in the past – unfortunately this is not the case.

We offer help and support to Birmingham residents to resolve problems with TV reception, including;

  Installation of new aerials and fault finding

  Freesat satellite installations 

  Distribution of signal to multiple rooms

  Rooftop and indoor loft aerial set-ups

Our team will work with you to identify the problem and recommend the solution – quickly. You can check our all of our customer reviews at Quick Find Directories.

How do we identify the problem?

Usually a ‘no signal’ message means a problem with the aerial reception. Finding the optimal position for your TV aerial can help to ensure a good, sustained reception across your home. Securing the new position of the aerial can be tricky and may require a visit to your rooftop! This is where we come in, ensuring a safe resolution to your problem.

With a wealth of experience in our field, we can normally identify the problem quickly. In some instances we may be able to provide you with advice over the phone or identify issues before visiting your home or premises. We will always offer the very best outcome, ensuring a cost-effective and prompt service every time.

If you are looking for a complete overhaul of your entertainment system, why not considering mounting your TV on the wall?